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In 1890 Jesse and Lester Williams started the trowel company which went on to become Marshalltown, one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world within the industry. 

Marshalltown only use the highest grade steel in their trowels and is committed to innovation with continuous product development alongside major improvements to their infrastructure, manufacturing and distribution processes to ensure their customers are well served. 

This vast range includes their market leading brick and plastering trowels as well as pointing, gauging, margin, bucket and notched trowels. They also make tuck pointers, jointers, hawks, taping knives, edgers, drywall, tiling and decorators tools with accessories.

All Marshalltown branded Brick and Plastering Trowels and the majority of other Marshalltown tools are still made in the USA. Brick trowels are forged from one single piece of steel ensuring a perfect combination of weight, balance, strength and flexibility. Innovations like PermaShape broken-in floats, PermaFlex flexible plastering trowels and DuraSoft handles mean Marshalltown is respected around the globe as a leader in tool development.

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