Trend Pocket Hole Jig

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The Trend PH/JIG Pocket Hole Jig is great for fast and accurate joining of timber and plywood, giving strong instant joints. Solid hardened bushes with a variable pitch of 29 to 63mm.

Use on timber, MDF, plywood and blockboard. It allows a variety of joints to be created individually. Uses square drive self-tapping screws. Workpiece can be handled immediately after gluing and screwing, creating time-saving benefits. No clamps required.

The Trend PH/JIG Pocket Hole Jig is supplied with: 100 x Dome Head Screws, 1 x Face Clamp, 1 x HSS Drill Bit With Collar, 1 x 75mm Square Drive Bit, 1 x 150mm Square Drive Bit.