Thorsman Brown Wall Plug - 100pc

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Thorsman TP 1003003 (set of 100 pieces) is a wall plug for plasterboard, low density concrete, stone, bricks and blocks (most building materials) With a length of 35 mm, the plug is especially suitable for light-weight installations where shear loads are dominating For perfect wall fixing, use a wood screw with a diameter of 3.5 mm to 5 mm Material: Polyethylene (HD) Drill diameter: 5 mm in ALC concrete, 5.5 mm in brick, 5.5 mm in concrete For mounting where pull-out loads dominate, or by high temperatures, metal fixings are recommended TP has a smooth surface to get high friction against the wall of the hole Four slits spread the radial expansion in all dimensions The wall plug has a collar and wings to prevent the plug from rotating and disappearing into the hole TP has a unique Colour CodeTM to identify each plug size