SIP Ferrua RC/24 Air Compressor 24 Litre 2.0 HP 230V

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Outstanding value-for-money, these RC models are exclusively part of the SIP range. Twin gauges and oil lubrication allow for longer life, and large wheels increase portability.

Efficient cooling system.
External air filters for easy access.
Wheel mounted for improved manoeuvrability.
Oil lubricated.
Italian design.

Technical Data
Supply: 230v (13amp).
Air receiver size: 24 litres.
Motor: 2.0hp (1.5kW).
Piston displacement: 8.0CFM (227 litres/min).
Max. free air delivery: 4.8CFM (136 litres/min).
Max pressure: 116psi (8.0bar).
Noise level: 94dB(A).
Weight: 25kg.
Packaged dimension:: 570 x 260 x 580mm.