Resolva Path & Drive Weed killer 1L

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Resolva Path & Drive is a fast acting non-glyphosate herbicide for controlling weed and moss. Ideal for using on paths and driveways. Effects are seen within hours of treatment and can be used all year round. The product will also affect algae and grasses.

  • Spray using the trigger sprayer pack provided. Apply at no more than 100ml/m2; this is usually when the moss or the weed leaves and stems are fully wetted but before the point at which spray solution drips from the leaves. Repeat after 14 days against surviving moss or weeds, if necessary, when fresh growth is seen. Apply on a dry day when rain is not expected. Rain after spraying may wash spray from the leaves leading to a poor result. After spraying, keep people and animals off dense patches of moss or weeds until the spray has dried, often just 15-20 minutes.

Health and safety

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