Faithfull TC Router Bit Set 15 in Case 1/2in Shank

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A boxed set of 15 Router Bits.

Tungsten Carbide tips ensure long life and the storage case provides a safe place to store the bits when they are not being used.

Router Bit sets with different cutter shapes which enable the creation of a variety of profiles, grooves and mouldings in softwoods, hardwoods, MDF or plywood.

Shank Diameter: 12.7mm (1/2in)

Set contains one of each of the following:

Type Radius Dia. Depth
Straight Cutter - 3.2mm 14mm
Straight Cutter - 6.5mm 20mm
Straight Cutter - 12.7mm 25mm
Straight Cutter - 19mm 20mm
Dovetail Cutter - 12.7mm 8mm
Panel Pilot - 6.5mm 30mm
Guided Flush Trimmer - 12.7mm 12mm
Mortising Cutter - 12.7mm 13mm
Core Box 3.2mm 7mm 6mm
90 deg V Cutter - 12.7mm 10mm
45 deg Guided Chamfer - 30mm 14mm
Guided Cove 9.5mm 30mm 14mm
Guided Rabbeting Cutter - 30mm 10mm
Guided Roman ogee - 25mm 12mm
Guided Rounding 10mm 32mm 16mm