Faithfull Arc-Cut Saw Blade Hardwood 32MM FAI MFHW23P

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Faithfull Arc-Cut Saw Blade Hardwood 32MM FAI MFHW23P

Arc Premium ultra sharp multi function tool blade. The arc designed cutting edge of this high-performance blade reduces the tooth impact that traditional straight edged cutting blades experience helping to produce a precise, smooth and controlled ultra-fast cut.

This arc edge bi-metal saw blade is manufactured from a combination of CRV steel body with HSS Japanese style steel teeth to produce an extra-long working life. Ground and side set for very fast and coarse cutting.

HSS steel blades of this type are particularly suited to work in hardwoods but are also ideal for cutting applications in all other types of wood, blockboard, chipboard and PVC.

Compatible with many multi-function oscillating power tools.

Applications include:
Cutting hardwood, softwood, plasterboard, plastic and plastic pipes.
Precise plunge cuts in all woods and laminated panels.
Precise cuts outs in all woods.
Flush cutting of wood components e.g. dowels and tenons.

Teeth per inch: 14
Cutting length: 50mm
Width of teeth: 32mm
Material: Bi-Metal