Various Sizes - Euro Cylinder Snap Safe

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The Tessi Snap Safe Euro Profile Cylinder Door Lock – is especially designed to prevent a burglar gaining access to your property by snapping, drilling, bumping or picking the cylinder in the door. Each cylinder comes with 6 anti-drill pins, 4 anti-pick pins and 2 anti-bump pins. The ‘snap safe’ feature means that if the burglar attempts to break the cylinder with, for example, a vice-grips, the cylinder will break along a designated fault line which will ensure that the door remains locked and the key-holder can still gain access with the key at a later stage. This cylinder comes supplied with 3 keys and is available in a range of sizes.

  • Door Cylinder
  • Colour: Chrome
  • Satin finish
  • 3 keys
  • Anti-drill
  • Anti-bump
  • Anti-pick
  • Fixings included