DEWALT Smooth Face Framing Hammer 22oz

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DEWALT Smooth Face Framing Hammer 22oz


Tackle heavy carpentry work with this high-endurance 22 oz. Steel Framing Hammer which features a balanced design for a smooth and steady swing. Its multi-use, side nail puller helps you quickly remove staples, framing nails, and finishing nails. Expert-tested and approved, the hammer offers a tear-resistant, anti-slip grip designed to deliver high performance in almost any jobsite condition. For optimized efficiency, place and drive nails with one hand using the integrated magnetic nail start




SMOOTH SWING with balanced design for enhanced utility

5X MORE DURABLE GRIP* for secure handling in a range of worksite settings

SEAMLESS TOE-NAILING: Sleek, shield-shaped strike face

BUILT FOR LONG LIFE: Durable, one-piece steel construction with thick, heat-treated steel shaft

TRI-PULL TECHNOLOGY FOR VERSATILITY: Remove finish nails, framing nails, and staples

ONE-HANDED NAIL PLACEMENT with magnetic nail starter