DeWalt Impact Extreme Torsion PZ2 25mm & 50MM Bits & Holder

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20 x DEWALT Extreme Impact Torsion Bits PZ2 x 25mm

5 x DEWALT Extreme Impact Torsion Bits PZ2 x 50mm

1 x DEWALT Impact Magnetic Bit Holder

Supplied in a tstak hard case

The traditional Pozidriv No.2 head has been finely machined and hardened, and will fit a wide number of screws.

These dewalt bits have a 15 deg torsion zone that allows the screwdriver bit to flex rather than break, and the full fit head prevents rounding of the screw head and cam out - bit head slipping out of the screw head due to the extreme turning force.

Below the head is a waisted body which is covered by a yellow sleeve, this part of the bit has been hardened to a lesser degree than the tip so as to provide a degree of flex when the fixing is fully inserted, this flexing or Torsion zone greatly reduces the risk of the tip breaking.

Due to the force an impact driver exerts, the screwdriver bits need to be specially engineered to cope without shattering or the tip breaking.

Impact drivers are extremely popular with tradesmen and are used for tough and extreme screw driving application, such as putting 10 to 20cm long screw fixings in sub frames for decking and similar applications, where a normal Combi-drill or drill driver would fail.These Extreme 3 Torsion impact screwdriver bits from DeWalt have been specially designed for use with impact drivers, but they can be used with any cordless drill as well.