DeWALT EXTREME™ HSS Cobalt Metal Drill BIts - Various Sizes

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Cobalt bits are able to cut through the most hardened metals, including bronze, cast iron, stainless steel and titanium. They are also able to cut through weld seams. The cutting edge on a good quality cobalt bit should last for longer than a standard HSS bit

  • Lasts up to 4x Longer 
  • Suitable for portable or stationary drilling of high alloy content steels and metals with a tensile strength up to 1100N/mm²
  • The 'no-walk' tip allows for easier penetration of all surfaces (5mm and above).
  • Cleaner, more accurate, burr-free holes due to recessed cutting wings
  • Pilot Point from 4mm up 
  • No spin shank