Climax 756 Respirator Half Face Mask c/w double P3 filters

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Half mask protection Climax 756 + 2 filters :

The half-mask is a set made up of a reusable half-mask and 2 filters. The nose, mouth and chin are well adjusted. Made of lightweight and highly resistant materials, it has no negative effect on health. The mask offers comfortable work in every conditions, without restricting movement and limiting visibility. It provides maximum protection throughout it's life. The body of the half-mask is made of very high resistance silicone, adapts easily to the user's face and ensures exceptional comfort of use. Properly designed shape and material seal the half mask in contact with the face. The body is equipped with an exhalation valve and two connectors for the filter absorbers.

Double entry of European standard EN 140. Protection against certain organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 147 °F specified by the manufacturer:


  • P = pre-filter A1 = Paint, varnish, solvents, glues, CO, CO2
  • B1-E1 = Hydrogen sulfide, chlorine gas, pesticides
  • K1 Ammonia, ammonia components
  • P3 = Fine dust and aerosols, toxic