OX Speedskim Semi Flexible Plastering Rule 1200MM

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The OX Speedskim Semi Flexible Plastering Rule is a revolutionary tool that enhances the quality of finish to any plastering job. It is designed to increase metreage output whilst also reducing the dangerous effects of fatigue and RSI. Using the uniquely designed OX Speedskim Blades, exclusively for this Rule, you can be guarenteed a flatter and faster finish. This makes the plasterers job quicker and easier. There's also a release button for the end caps and interchangeable blade, making it easier to replace old and worn blades. You can use this product with Sand and Cement, Backing Plasters, Skim Coast Plasters, Spray Plasters/Compounds, Lime Renders, Monocouche systems and Latex Screeds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Higher quality finish.
  • Reduces the effects of fatigue and RSI.
  • Release button to easily change blades.
  • Perfect for Plasterers.
  • Can be used with all gypsum based plasters.