Nela Black Edition Finishng Trowel 18" x 4.7

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The NELA 10834512BK 18" Black Edition Finishing Trowel is a high-quality hand tool that is designed for the professional plasterer. Featuring a revolutionary new trowel design that is equipped with a new type of thicker steel, blade size and handle. The NELA Black Edition Finishing Trowels have been developed from the ground up to add another plastering trowel to your arsenal of tools. A thicker blade, wider width and overall improved blade quality provides a level of troweling that wasn't possible before - until now. Based on years of experience from previous NELA trowel ranges; NelaFLEX, MediFLEX, Premium, etc, the NELA Black Edition is sure to deliver a troweling experience that speeds up the plastering process, reduce fatigue and allows a professional plasterer to really hone their skills and demonstrate what they're capable of.
  • NELA 18" x 4.72" Black Edition Finishing Trowel
  • Superior Grade Steel
  • New Blade Thickness
  • Wider Steel Blade