HIT Hammerless Punch

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Introducing the HIT Tool 1/32 in (#1) nail set and 2/32 in (#2) nail set combination hammerless spring tool model #NS1NS2. This dual-tipped, spring actuated tool has a 1/32 in nail setter on one end and a 2/32 in nail setter on the other. These nail sets are designed to efficiently set and countersink finish nails and brads into wood surfaces. The dual headed design features two of the most commonly used sizes for trim and finishing jobs. Utilizing the HIT Tool's patent pending hammerless impact technology, this tool is compact and lightweight yet provides precision accuracy even in tight spaces. The comfort grip provides for effortless and safe control of the extremely powerful, high-tensile spring. These features combine to create a versatile tool that would make a great addition to any toolbox.