1" Brush - ProDex Series

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The Pro Dex Paint Brush is a high-quality synthetic filament paint brush that gives a fine paint finish. This brush is suitable for use with all types of paint. These are made of special multi-diameter extruded nylon filaments that are becoming ever more popular with the development of new water-based paints.This brush is made with synthetic bristles which makes filaments last longer than natural bristles. The flagged and tapered tip holds more paint and provides the best coverage that is ideal for an extra-fine finish that is best for window areas, trim, and corners. The Pro Dex 1" paint brush has a wooden handle that provides a comfortable grip making it comfortable to hold when painting.



  • Square shaped timber handle with bevelled corners for easy grip
  • Flat brush makes spreading paint quickly and evenly over a surface
  • High-quality synthetic filaments make it last longer
  • Flagged & tapered tip for extra fine finish
  • Suitable for all types of paints