Bellota rubber mallet

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This BELLOTA rubber mallet will allow you to adjust and lay your tiling tiles. Thanks to its isoprene rubber mass, you will not damage your tiles and you will also be precise when using the tool.

Benefits :
  • Specially suitable for tiles, especially ceramic ones
  • Prevents cracks and marks on the tiles
  • Ease of typing
  • High quality isoprene rubber
  • PEFC certified wooden handle, resistant, ergonomic and comfortable
  • Perfect attachment between the head and the handle
Features :
  • Head material: isoprene rubber
  • Handle material: beech wood
  • Type of union: conical
  • Head weight: 500g
  • Head Height: 12.1cm
  • Dimensions: 35 x 7 x 13cm
  • Wooden handle certification: PEFC
  • Weight: 640g