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Satin finish paint, the name itself suggests what your walls will indulge you with after the end of just one application. The silky and smooth finish of a satin white paint looks exactly like a pearl glowing under a clear midnight sky. We have an unparalleled range of effervescent satin color paints that emulate both rich and smart tastes.

A satin finish reflects more light than any other finish. It is embedded with fungus-fighter technology and offers great resistance to dirt, dust, mold, and grime, which makes it an easy and worthy companion for walls for all weather types, especially those that thrive in a temperate and damp tropical climate. Since they also resist moisture, satin paint works flawlessly on wood and metal surfaces. A single coat of satin colour paint can stand well up to soap washing as well, as the resins in satin paint create a tough surface that can endure scrubbing. However, you must assess your wall condition before choosing your paint. If you are working with a new wall that is professionally finished and has a smoother surface, satin finish paint should be your ideal option.

As it spreads evenly on surfaces, it offers super coverage and lower drying time than other wall enamels. Satin finish paints stand out in high-traffic and high moisture areas like kids’ bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchens. We offer satin colour paints and satin paints for woods and metals from top brands. If you want to get more years out of your wall enamels, choose our range of satin finish paints.

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