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The dulux trade vinyl matt is a high-quality emulsion based matt that aids in providing the paint on your walls the perfect finish. It offers smooth flow for a wide range of surfaces, from wood to steel, brick, and stone, and covers the area exceptionally good. The texture of dulux matt paint is creamy, which makes its application much easier and satisfactory in just one coat.

Further, the dulux matt and vinyl matt paints are voted the number one choice for emulsion based paints by professional painters all over the country. They offer high standard finish with stain resistant properties to make your interiors and exteriors look fabulous for a long-time, overruling the need for a repetitive paint job.

The paint is available in a wide range of hues and colors, including the very rare white matt. The special formula helps make the paint extra reflective, which aids in making your rooms and corridors look more spacious. Its stain-resistant property allows easy one-wipe cleanups, thus allowing the paint to last longer than the normal paints.

If you are looking to make your home or office space more attractive in a suitable price range, the dulux trade vinyl matt emulsion paint is the best choice for the job.  

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