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All top brands, range, and sizes for your wall bracket and tool clip requirement in one place! Whether you need tool clips in varied sizes, floating white shelf brackets, shelf board white brackets or heavy duty shelf brackets, we have got you covered. Our range of wall brackets are available in a variety of materials and sizes, and tool clips in all sorts of finishes with zinc plate, polythene coated, carbon spring steel, etc. as the standard material.

So, whatever your shelving project is, our range is there to support it in the best way. In case you need help choosing the right kind of shelf bracket, here is a tip: determine your space availability and other priorities such as functionality before making a purchase.

Benefits of choosing a wall bracket over cabinets:

  1. Cabinets are dated. If you are looking to give your room interior a modern touch, wall brackets are the choice to make.
  2. Cabinets take up too much space. Since wall brackets are attached to either the wall or the ceiling, they do not hoard your room space. Use wall brackets and free up extra space in your room for that visually stimulating and luxurious feel.
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